STEFANIE WONG or Stef with an “f”, is an ever changing, curious, creative. Just like the spelling of her name, Stef often does things unpretentiously.


Most of us are born with the ability to hold a pencil and write our names somewhat legibly. Stef was born with an ability to hold a pencil and make nothing into something. She is a self-taught artist who may come across as shy in person, but upon saying “hello”, she has probably finished visually scanning you for your unique facial features … just part of her superpowers as a portrait artist, of course. 


Stef’s artwork is influenced by her own experience of having lived in different countries and being a woman of colour. Her work often highlights people of colour

who are kind, intelligent, strong and overcomers of adversity. She is passionate about showcasing them, their faces, their words, and their influence. 


Faces, food, animals, whimsy, serious, she has a gift for creating bold, vibrant work. Call her to commission an art piece. The Globe and Mail and Warner Records have already knocked on her door. 


When not making art or master-chef'ing in her own kitchen, you’ll find her in hipster cafes, ramen shops, and art/kitchen supply stores around Vancouver with her 2.5 year old son and her pastor hubby. 

EMAIL to inquire, collaborate, license or commission art.


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Written by Heng-zi Lo Bereczki

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